i am a

badass uke

oh yes good

What happenend to the oshiete? Q^O I cant find anything to submit!

Well, fuck. Apparently no one else could either. 

Why did you guys change the personality descriptions and pics? They matched most people's personality types very well before.

Hey there! The personality descriptions haven’t changed at all. And we just really felt it was time to update the result pictures with something a little daringly different. And wow, damn… that was really a long time ago… 

Er, I hope you're not offended, Ken, but...what happened to your head and most of your clothes?


…because he’s not just a plastic man with cake. He’s got feels.

okay, maybe Ken hasn’t been there for you recently. But, let us ask yourself… have you been there for him?

Hey! Have you seen it?!!

And here we have some of the more amusing recent searches that brought people to… like you didn’t know we could see them… heh.

I’m the uke in a gay relationship (big banana seme thumbs up for you, my friend!) ^^

how to tame a seme (ooh, you tame that wild tiger, baby)

sadistic gay masters (be careful there, little uke…)

seme tester (wants to know how that works)

Come to to see our best search result, and a super sexy photo by Slim Male Friend! <3

love machine&#8230; love love love&#8230; love machine&#8230; ♪
♪ ♫ Hey, come see Kenichirou!

love machine… love love love… love machine… ♪

♪ ♫ Hey, come see Kenichirou!